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The effect of ion multi-scales on magnetic reconnection in earth's magnetotail -Cluster observations
Ardakani, A.S., as2060@wildcats.unh.edu (1)
Mouikis, C.G., chris.mouikis@unh.edu(1)
Kistler, L.M., Lynn.kistler@unh.edu (1)
Torbert, R., Roy.Torbert@unh.edu (1)
Roytershteyn, V., vroytershteyn@spacescience.org (2)
Omelchenko, Y.A., yurio@spacescience.org (2)
A recent statistical study, using Cluster observations, showed that during substorms, a higher O+ content in the plasma sheet during the substorm growth phase, makes it more difficult to trigger reconnection [Liu et al, 2013]. In addition, they showed that, in contrast to predictions that the reconnection rate during the substorm expansion phase slows down in the presence of O+, the unloading rate is actually faster when the O+ content is higher. This could be due to a faster local reconnection rate or due to reconnection occurring over a greater width in the tail when the O+ content of the plasma sheet is high. To address this question, we will use reconnection events observed by Cluster that have different densities of O+ and we will determine the local reconnection rate. We will use the deduced local reconnection rate together with the total magnetotail pressure rate of change to estimate the cross-tail extent of the reconnecting plasma sheet.
(1) Space Science Center, University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH 03824
(2) Space Science Institute, Boulder, CO, 80301