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Probing Near-Earth Reconnection Ejecta in the Near Tail and at Lunar Orbit
Runov, A. arunov@igpp.ucla.edu (1)
Near-Earth magnetotail reconnection is the vital element of a substorm. Transient localized dipolarizations and associated electric field pulses, known as dipolarizing flux bundles (DFBs) and rapid flux transfers (RFTs) are remote signatures of near-Earth reconnection. Statistical studies of DFBs/RFTs observed in the plasma sheet at geocentric distances 7 to 25 Earth's radii (RE) and at lunar orbit (~60 RE) in the tail revealed that they are localized in the earth-tail (X) and cross-tail (Y) directions and their equatorial cross-section dimensions are of 1 to 5 RE (tens of ion inertial lengths). These localized area of the enhanced north-south magnetic field component and cross-tail electric field field (reconnection ejecta) are dominantly observed in the pre-midnight magnetotail. We present results of a comparative statistical analysis of earthward and tailward reconnection ejecta properties, such as magnetic and electric fields, particle distributions and their moments, observed in near-Earth tail and at lunar orbit by THEMIS and ARTEMIS probes, respectively.
(1) University of California Los Angeles