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Dynamic Evolution of Polar Cap Patches During Substorms
Zou, S., shashaz@umich.edu (1)
Wang, Z., wzihan@umich.edu (1)
Ren, J., jiaenren@umich.edu (1)
Ozturk, D., dcsoztrk@umich.edu (1)
Polar cap patches refer to the islands of high F-region and topside plasma density within the polar cap. Their dynamic evolution from the dayside to the nightside is not very well understood. The F-region ionosphere density is strongly influenced by convection electric field, thermospheric wind as well as soft particle precipitation. This study combines observations from multiple instruments, including Poker Flat incoherent scatter radar (PFISR), GPS total electron content (TEC) and optical instruments, as well as the Global Ionosphere and Thermosphere Model (GITM), to investigate the effects of highly structured electric fields, such as those associated with auroral streamers and subauroral polarization streams (SAPS), and thermospheric winds on the dynamic evolution of polar cap patches during substorms. We also discuss variation of the optical emission associated with the patch evolution and its contribution to the substorm growth phase redline emission.
(1) Department of Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA.