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Jimmy Raeder
Space Science Center
245G Morse Hall
8 College Road
Durham, NH 03824

(603) 862-3412




  Conference Proceedings


Following the precedent of ICS-12, ICS-13 has arranged for a special issue of the open access journal Earth, Planets, and Space to publish the proceedings of the meeting.


Submission Deadline

Deadline for submission to the special issue is February 1, 2018. It is expected that the special issue will appear within six months of that date.

Submission Instructions

The submission information for Earth, Planets, and Space can be found at this link.

This site explains the page charges, for which authors are responsible, and other information. The journal outlines three steps to follow in submission, culminating in uploading a manuscript to their website which eventually will be evaluated and sent out for peer review by the ICS-13 editorial team. Most contributions should be of the "Full Paper" type unless contacted by the team otherwise. In the submission process, the author will have to type in a "cover letter," and in this space please mention that the paper is being submitted to the ICS-13 special issue, to assure that it reaches the correct editorial team.

With any questions, please contact one of the ICS-13 editorial team:

James W. LaBelle, Dartmouth College, Dept. of Physics & Astronomy
Jimmy Raeder, Univ. of N.H., EOS/Space Science Center
Marc R. Lessard, Univ. of N.H., EOS/Space Science Center
Masahito Nosé, Kyoto Univ., Data Analysis Centre for Geomagnetism and Space Magnetism